Sunday, August 3, 2014

An Update on the Gang

It's been a busy five weeks since my last post. Last week we traveled to Lexington, KY to the 2014 Sugar Glider Get Away (SGGA), a gathering of sugar gliders owners from around the country. We brought all five gliders with us (a first) and had a great time meeting many of the glider owners we only knew through the Glider Central forum.

In terms of who's with who, that hasn't changed. Foehn and Rossby are together in one cage, and CB, Sprite, and Flurry are in the other.  We'll probably be getting another, slightly larger cage for Foehn and Rossby as it is unlikely they will be a colony of five. Foehn continues to exhibit marking behavior almost constantly as if her hormones were stuck in the "ON" position. She and CB had their annual checkup this week and the vet did not find anything physically abnormal with her. Her weight is good and she has been eating well.

Our second Sansbug tent we use for playtime has bitten the dust. One of the fiberglass hoop supports snapped and it won't hold it's shape very well, besides being a pain to set up. So, we have moved playtime into the guest bathroom adjoining my office. We removed the sheer shower curtain and M has been making fleece vines for them to climb on. Sprite and Flurry like to climb up to the shower rod. The problem is, Flurry can't quite figure how to get down, and he hasn't worked up enough courage to jump. Even if I stand up under him he won't make the relatively short jump to my shoulder.  Only when I stand up on the toilet so my shoulder is higher will he jump over, obviously quite relieved. We have only been in the bathroom a few days, so they are till getting used to it. There's more for them to climb on and more room to run.

This evening it was the trio's turn for playtime They weren't very active, although Flurry took time to investigate the large piece of fleece hanging from the shower rod. He climbed to the top and after a few minutes finally figured he could climb down the way he came up.

CB, Sprite, and Flurry (l-r) contemplating coming out of the pouch after their mealworms.

Flurry working his way back down a hanging piece of fleece.

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