Sunday, April 27, 2014

Two Minutes!

That's how long it took for Flurry, CB, and Sprite to become a trio.

We decided to make the attempt on Friday so we would have the whole weekend to deal with any issues that might come up. That morning I washed all the cages, and when everything was back in place it was time to see if they all would like each other. The last time we tried an introduction attempt (not these three) I spent several hours in the bathroom hoping things would work out, so I was expecting to spend part of my afternoon in there.

We spread a fleece blanket in the tub, brought in the "neutral" pouch and some extra fleece in case I had to separate them. M handed them off to me and so it began.

I set both pouches in the tub. For them it was the middle of the "night" (one reason we do it then) and none of them were anxious to leave the warmth and protection of their respective pouches. Flurry crabbed a bit as he will do still, and that got the attention of Sprite and CB. Sprite slowly ventured out of her pouch, and Flurry stuck his head out of his.  Sprite approached him. I was talking to her and had my hand over her just in case. She got closer and closer - and then crawled right in the pouch with Flurry!  Elapsed time - about 15 seconds.  They sniffed each other a bit and then Flurry came all the way out. By this time CB was out and curious about what was going on. Flurry and CB approached each other, sniffed each other, and that was that!  I brought in the neutral pouch and all three readily climbed right in.

CB (left) and Flurry (right) moments after they were introduced to each other.
Sprite was still in Flurry's pouch (white and black one).
We later put them in the big cage.  Flurry explored a lot and you could tell he was a little nervous. Sprite was thrilled to have another male to dote on and she spent time grooming Flurry. He was sure to let her know when he had been groomed enough. There still are occasional "nitches" from their sleeping pouch (meaning that someone is being bugged by someone else), but they are getting along great.

The trio now have permanent residence in the large cage, and Foehn and Rossby are now in the smaller cage. In another month or so we'll see if we can start the process of getting two and three to become five.  Should be interesting, to say the least.

Sprite, CB, and Flurry enjoying their first morning yogurt as a trio.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Is a Trio in the Works?

For the last two weeks Flurry's cage and CB and Sprite's cage have been within four inches of each other. In addition, we have been switching cages every night - they use each other's pouches, toys, and everything. Nobody has objected to being moved each night! Flurry has become more relaxed in general, and each night when CB and Sprite are returned to their cage all three are on the back of their respective cages checking each other out. There has been no crabbing or aggressive behavior.  In fact, we think Flurry really would like to join them if he could. We'll find out soon. Since their familiarization has gone so well we are going to try introductions for the three of them this weekend.

Flurry is calming down a lot. He loves to be with M. Most days after yogurt he climbs in her overshirt (a large shirt she wear over her regular top), makes his way to the back and spends his day sleeping there. He willing goes into his pouch if she needs him to. Flurry gets his allocation of mealworms at night, then goes to his cage. If all goes well this weekend he will start playtime with the other two next week. We are leaving Foehn and Rossby out of the equation right now.

Flurry enjoying a mealworm while sitting in M's shirt earlier this week.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Growing Up

Yesterday was Rossby's and Sprite's 2nd birthday. They came to us when they were seven months old and are terrific gliders. They are both have great personalities and are very social, other than Foehn and Sprite still having to work things out.  Foehn has become somewhat neurotic that past several month and we are not sure why. Rossby is pretty relaxed about things, and he must have the patience of a saint to put up with Foehn sometimes. Rossby loves to run and when he is in the tent he will race around the perimeter of the tent. We think that he may just like the sound of his feet on the plastic tarp floor.  Between that and the wheel he keeps moving most of the time, occasionally taking a break to climb up the front of my shirt to my shoulder where he will sit and survey the scene. Once in awhile he will nuzzle my cheek while he's up there. After a minute or two he is off again running around until the next time for a break.

Sprite is a little sweetheart, and has become my favorite, partly because she has been the odd one out for much of the last year.  Initially she and Foehn did not hit it off, but then they were OK and she and CB had differences.  When we were finally able to get Sprite and CB together, then she and Foehn were at odds (we are still working on it).  Sprite has decided my shoulder is her safe place and will head there when Foehn is after her. Sprite likes to be petted and will sit on my shoulder and let me pet her much longer than any of the others.  When it's time to go back to the cage from the tent I put her and CB in a pouch. She will stay in for a minute or so, but then her little head pops out to see what's going on. She often will climb out and on to my shoulder for the ride to her cage. I don't have to worry about her jumping off and going exploring. When we get to the cage she will climb down my arm into the cage and wait with CB for dinner to be served.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Flurry is a New Man

On Monday Flurry went in for his neuter. Everything went well and he didn't have any problems afterward at home. We have moved his cage from the laundry room and placed it near the other cages so he can start becoming familiar with the other gliders and they with him. Since we are not having much luck convincing Foehn to leave Sprite alone, we are going to try and introduce Flurry to CB and Sprite initially.  We have already started swapping pouch blankets, and in another week or so will start swapping pouches.

Flurry is starting to calm down a little. He takes mealworms from me, although sometimes he will take it and then tun to the back of the cage to eat it.  Other times, though, he will sit at the door of the cage, snarf down the mealworm I just gave him, and beg for more. He is still M's little guy and he spends most days with her in his pouch. He loves to come out and crawl into her overshirt to sleep.