Monday, February 3, 2014

A Little Less Crabby

Flurry has been with us a week now.  He has calmed down some and will let us pet and handle him, but he still a nervous and at times scared glider. M has been carrying him a bonding pouch every day and he does pretty well. He crabs a little, but he is also curious and will pop his head to to check things out. M has been taking him in our small bathroom for his morning yogurt and a chance to run around and he seems to enjoy that.

For some reason he is particularly skittish and nervous when he is in his cage. We wonder if he had a bad experience in a cage in one of his earlier homes.  The owner we obtained him from purchased him at a local pet store because he was by himself and didn't look very good. He had been purchased previously by someone else but they brought him back. You don't normally see sugar gliders in pet stores. Apparently one of the employees there had sugar gliders of her own and they had joeys, and then tried to sell them through the pet store. So, there is no telling what he might have been through before his last owner.  He probably has been by himself for most of his life. It's also possible that he was ignored and not socialized a great deal, if not mistreated, at some point. We inadvertently freaked him out a little this weekend when we cleaned his cage and washed his toys. He did not know what to make out of all the new smells and lack of familiar smells.

We are not sure how old he is, but he is probably close to a year. He has been eating very well his first week here which is good to see.  Flurry tipped the scale at 100 grams at the weekly weigh-in yesterday, which is as much as CB and Rossby.