Sunday, June 17, 2012

Fun with Bubble Wrap

Earlier this week I received a shipment and the item was wrapped in bubble wrap. For some reason, most of us can't resist trying to pop at least one of the bubbles if not all of them.  I unwrapped the item but left the bubble wrap loosely rolled up on the side table in the office intending to take care of it later. I had forgotten about it when we brought the gliders in the office for playtime that evening. I was sitting watching TV and heard a strange noise behind me,  When I turned around there were four curious gliders playing with the bubble wrap. No, they weren't trying to pop it, but they were having a good time crawling on and into it. Their interest was probably because it was new in their environment, but I also think the sound had something to do with it.

Caught in the act, CB, Foehn, and Cirrus playing with the bubble wrap.
Virga had jumped to the floor by the time I grabbed the camera

Two of the gliders crawled into the rolled up bubble wrap. I don't think they quite knew what to make of it.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Virga, Virga, Virga...

Our normal evening routine includes giving each of the gliders their daily mealworm treat.  We divide their mealworm ration in two.  Cirrus and Virga are on her fast as can be when they hear M shake the container.  I usually feed CB and Foehn, who both tend to enjoy theirs from the comfort of the pouch.

Tonight M came in with the mealworms and I went to change clothes. Virga was up and on the wheel already so M brought her in the office, so I picked up the other three gliders on my way back to the office. When I walked into the office M was on the computer but Virga wasn't with her. As I went to sit down there was Virga on my desk, happily munching on mealworms from the container for Foehn and CB.  Usually M keeps the containers under tight wraps until we are both ready to hand out the mealworms. Fortunately, Virga had only managed to eat her ration at the point I snatched the container from her. We then had to keep her at bay while we gave the other three their mealworms,

Since I'm on the subject of Virga, she and her sister are doing very well following their surgery in March. This week Virga weighed in at 89 grams and Cirrus at 81. Post-surgery they were both down in the low 70s.  They both have a lot of energy for nine year old gliders and we're delighted with their recovery. Their next follow-up visit with the vet is the first week of July so we'll know more then.