Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Back Home and Loving It

The smaller cage we purchased was put to good use this last week. We spent the week in northern California visiting our daughter, and CB, Foehn, and Cirrus spent the week with a sitter, and the cage was their "vacation" home. This was the first time we have ever left them with someone since they arrived three years ago. We have taken them with us on vacation a couple of times, but that couldn't happen this time. One, they aren't allowed on planes, and most importantly they are illegal in California. We had asked our vet if she knew of anyone who would be interested in caring for them and she gave us the name of one of the vet students.

After talking to the sitter on the phone we met her at our last appointment for Cirrus. We both felt good about leaving the gliders in her care. So, with just a little bit of apprehension, we brought the gliders, their cage, and all the necessary glider stuff to the sitter last Monday night. After making sure they were settled and all questions were answered, we said our goodbyes and left on our trip to California.

We received an email on Tuesday after we arrived at our daughter's letting us know that our gang was doing fine and had eaten well. We were concerned they would be stressed from being in a new place with strange smells and strange sounds (there were two dogs in the house - totally separated from the gliders).  Knowing that they were eating meant that they were settling in OK and that we probably didn't have anything to worry about. We didn't.

The sitter kept them on their routine as much as possible. They poked their heads out of the pouch each night to get their mealworms, and she offered them yogurt in the morning. Overnight they ate almost all of their blended mix, most of their vegetables, and picked at the fruit - just like normal.

We got back too late last night to pick them up, so we brought them home tonight. All three were working to get out of the zippered pouch on the way home. Once home we let them out in the office and they spent the next two and a half hours running and climbing, jumping on and off of us, and generally enjoying their time out of the cage. When I returned them to their cage a few minutes ago they spent a couple of moments checking things out, and then promptly went to take a nap. They were three tired but happy gliders.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Downsizing - Temporarily

This weekend CB, Foehn, and Cirrus are in temporary quarters. We moved them to a new cage for a few days to get them used to it.  We will be using this cage for when we have someone take care of them while we are gone. It measures 30 in wide by 18 inches deep by 48 inches high, large enough for them to climb around in but small enough to easily move it. It's less than half the size of their home cage, but bigger than the cage that came with Virga and Cirrus.  It is big enough to install a wheel and some other toys and gives them room to climb. The cage did not come with legs, so I built a stand for it to sit on so the would not be at floor level where it tends to be colder.  Their first night trying it out was Friday, and they spent the first 20 minutes thoroughly checking it out (and marking it) before they settled down for a nap.

The new, smaller cage used for their "vacation home".
You can see their regular cage just behind it.

In the meantime, they are very active tonight and have been going full tilt for the last half hour. All three of them have been running (or trying to) on the wheel. The wheel in the office is not as wide as the one on their cage, and it's a tight fit for three gliders!  Once they slow down a bit I'll gather them up and take them to their dinner.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Back to the Vet

At last weekend's weigh-in both Foehn and Cirrus had dropped four grams. They had not been eating consistently - some nights everything was eaten, and on others they picked at their food. In addition, when we woke them up to weigh them Cirrus' right eye wasn't open, and it took a few minutes before it did. This had happened a time or two before, but in light of her weight loss and prior medical history, we figured a visit to the vet was in order just to be sure she was OK. So, on Thursday we brought them all in and had Cirrus checked out. Overall she was doing well, and gained back two grams. However, Dr. W. found "debris" in her eye. They did a further exam to check for any scratches on the eye for which they had to put drops in her eye. Cirrus was pretty good about it, considering they had to do this three times. She fortunately didn't have any scratches on her eye, but as a precaution Dr. W. prescribed antibiotic drops. We have to put the drops in her eye three times a day. It really takes two of us, one to hold her (and her head) and the other to hold her eye open, if necessary, and put the drops in each eye. Cirrus is very good about it, so much so that I was able to do the morning drops by myself. M said today that she thinks Cirrus' eyes look clearer, so the drops seem to be doing the trick.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Strange Night

The night was going normally until about 7:00 p.m. At that point we were surprised to hear the wheels in the cage going and checked to see what was going on. CB and Foehn were each running in a separate wheel and Cirrus was out climbing in the cage. This was very unusual. Neither of us could remember a time when all of them where out this early. Cirrus seemed to be walking oddly, so we took her out of the cage to check her. Once she was in the office, she seemed to be getting around normally. Back in the cage, CB and Foehn seemed reluctant to go back in their pouch, Foehn in particular seemed to be rather stressed out about something. CB found his way into a different pouch, but Foehn kept "pacing" on the top of the cage.  I brought CB into the office where M had Cirrus. I could not coax Foehn into a pouch, but eventually was able to pick her up and get her into a pouch. Once in the office, she spent much of the time running in the wheel, while CB found his way into the plush boat to settle down to sleep.  Foehn eventually crawled into a pouch I offered her and seemed to be calmer. She let me pet her and was quiet until mealworm time.

We checked their sleeping pouch and cage to make sure there was nothing there that could bother them. Everything there was OK.

At this point, Cirrus is asleep in the pouch on my lap, and CB and Foehn are sleeping in the boat. In a few minutes I'll be putting them back in their cage and will probably stay up a while to see what happens.