Monday, May 27, 2013

Life After the Ladies

It's been almost a month since we lost Cirrus. CB and Foehn knew something was different but seemed to be fine after a few days.  We still have not received the final necropsy report on Cirrus, but when M was in to see Dr. W. with Sprite two weeks ago Dr. W. told her that Cirrus not only had tumors in her lungs but also on her trachea. She was not in good shape.

Recently CB and Foehn seem to be more active during play time, but that is likely related to the warming weather. Rossby and Sprite are as frisky as usual. More importantly, Sprite has seemed to settle down quite a bit (and not skunking as much as she used to), so we have decided to try and start the introduction process again. This weekend I moved Rossby's and Sprite's cage within visual range of CB & Foehn. We'll begin swapping pouches in the next week or so and then start swapping cages. When they all seem comfortable with the arrangements we'll attempt to introduce them again. We'll just take our cues from them. I have a better feeling this time around. Cirrus and Sprite seemed to have the biggest issues in the past, so hopefully Sprite will have an easier time of it. She is older as well (she and Rossby were a year old on April 14), and hopefully the maturity will help.