Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Meet Flurry, Our Newest Addition

Long time, no posts!  With the holidays and some other things going on here in the household blogging hasn't been a the top of the list - just not enough time. That, and there haven't been a lot of new developments to report. CB and Sprite, and Rossby and Foehn are still getting along as pairs. We've recently started efforts to get Foehn and Sprite reacquainted, but more on that in a future post.

Yesterday we brought home a new glider. M checks out the local Craigslist listings occasionally just to see if there are any gliders posted. In the first week of January she pointed out an ad from someone who had a single glider they were trying to rehome. It was like other ads of that type, but there were a few photos of the little guy. She made vague probes about what I thought but I didn't bite. With everything that has been going on (not necessarily with the gliders) it was the last thing I was going to worry about.

Yesterday she noticed that the ad had been reposted with a little more info, including the rehoming fee. He was a lone glider, and the owner could not devote the time to him between working and caring for a new baby. After some discussion M emailed the owner and asked if the glider was still available. He was, and she was willing to take a lower fee since we were going to have to take him to the vet for a check and to get him neutered.  So later in the afternoon we drove over and picked him up. The owners liked the fact we had gliders already. They were intent on finding a good home for him, even having turned down an offer from someone they didn't feel good about. We left with Flurry, a pouch, and some of his toys.

Flurry, our new arrival. The spot on his head is his scent gland. That will gradually disappear one he is neutered.

Once home we placed him in the cage we had set up (the cage we got with Virga and Cirrus). He was a scared little guy and has done a lot of crabbing the last 24 hours letting us know that. He's getting better about it, though, and we have been talking to him and trying to reassure him.  He ate well last night, and ended up sleeping in the pouch we placed in the cage for him. I just went to put his dinner in the cage and he was peeking out at me from the pouch with only a bit of crabbing. Flurry is doing pretty well so far. He's been though a lot in his short life so we hope he will thrive in a more stable setting. I'll have more on his background in the next post.

Flurry shortly after he was placed in his new cage.