Friday, November 22, 2013

Maybe There is Light at the End of the Tunnel

CB and Sprite have been getting along great the last several weeks and have really bonded. We have been switching cages between the pairs every week and that has generated some interesting behavior. Sprite lived alone in the smaller cage for several months and it was her domain. Once she and CB paired up and we started switching cages, she has behaved somewhat the same as Foehn when she was camping out at one end of the big cage to watch Sprite. When she is in the big cage Sprite goes to the end near the smaller cage and makes a low crabbing sound at Foehn in the smaller cage. I wasn't quite sure what this was about at first but I think she is trying to let Foehn know that the small cage was her territory and not Foehn's. She isn't nearly obsessive about as Foehn was when she is in the big cage. As they have all gotten more used to the arrangement even Foehn seems to have mellowed out a bit and doesn't spend as much time checking on Sprite and Rossby.

For the first time in over a month we reunited Rossby with Sprite and CB today. M carried them around in a pouch all day, and I had them in the tent together tonight. I'll probably take Foehn, Rossby, and CB tomorrow night and see how that goes. M said Foehn stuck her nose in the trio pouch today while giving them yogurt, but did not go after anyone. That's a small but good sign. Maybe we'll be able to get all four together yet.

This evening M was giving Sprite (and then Rossby) a drink of cranberry juice. They really like it (actually all of them do) and they will readily climb out for a drink. I took this photo of them while they were out getting their drink tonight.

Sprite and Rossby having some cranberry juice.