Sunday, September 29, 2013

Still Working at It

It's been four weeks since my last post, but September has been a busy month in this household. Nevertheless we have continued our efforts to get all of our gliders together. There hasn't been a lot of change since the last post, but I don't think we've taken any steps backward. We have made a number of adjustments to the play time routine. On one night CB, Rossby, and Foehn play together, and on alternate nights Foehn gets put back in the cage and Sprite stays with the boys. Foehn was getting too aggressive trying to get at Sprite and we were really worried one of them would get hurt. With the current arrangement we can continue to work on the CB/Sprite relationship. When Foehn started her chasing it got all of them riled up and everyone was on edge the rest of the time.

About a week ago the zipper on the tent we use for playtime broke and since then I have been using one or our bathrooms for this (a replacement tent is on the way). Until recently they have all been pretty quiet. They would come out of the pouch after their mealworms and run around and explore for a few minutes, then go back in the pouch or crawl under the tarp and nap.  They have been much more active the last two nights. Except, that is, for CB. He has, for the most part, preferred to remain in the pouch and arrange his blankets. He pulls them into the pouch around him and arranges them to his liking, and eventually settles down for a nap. A few days ago the normally active Rossby raced through the pouch (it was on the floor) undoing all of CB's work. CB came out and pulled all of the blankets back in around him. A few minutes later, Rossby did them same thing. CB looked out at me as if to say "Really??"

Tonight CB came out for a a few minutes, but then retreated to the pouch to arrange his blankets for a nap. I checked on him later and there he was, with his tail around his head trying to sleep.

"Can't a guy get some sleep around here?"

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Not Sure Where We are Going...

...but we will know when we get there.

The gliders have pretty much maintained the status quo the last few weeks. One big change is that we no longer are letting Foehn and Sprite share the tent at playtime. When Sprite is in the tent Foehn is determined to get at her to the pint where she doesn't do anything else. To be fair, sometimes all she wants to do is sniff Sprite and check her out, but Sprite takes exception and the result is usually a ball-up and lots of noise. That gets the other two on edge, and then all we have is everyone trying to stay away from everyone else.  So, on one night CB, Foehn, and Rossby play in the tent with me, and on the next night it's CB, Rossby, and Sprite. Sprite and CB aren't good buddies yet, but most of the time they leave each other alone. Lately both of them have been venturing closer to each other. Last night I looked down and CB, Rossby, and Sprite were all nose-to-nose in one corner of the tent. Then one of them realized how close they were and took off, followed quickly by the other two. I think they are both slowly coming around, so maybe it will only be a couple of more weeks before we can get them together. In the meantime it will mean two play times, two snack times, etc. However, it will be all worth it if we get get them together.

Sprite munching on one of the blueberries in her yogurt yesterday morning.