Thursday, August 21, 2014

+1 = 6

Yeah, we went and did it again.

A week ago we saw a post on GliderCentral about a breeding glider that lost its mate in May and was having a tough time on his own. He wasn't eating well and obviously missed his companion.The breeder/owner was willing to give him to a good home. She had been trying for some time, and after not a whole lot of discussion we decided we could take him. I had read the post and mentioned it to M. She told me she had thought the same thing but wasn't going to say anything until I did. And I did.

One of the reasons we decided he would be a good fit is that he is about the same age as CB and Foehn, We also knew he wouldn't do well on his own for much longer, We figured that after he was neutered and used to being here we would get him together with Foehn and Rossby.  Foehn would love another man to dote on!

So we went and picked up Pascal (that was his name and we aren't changing it). The first two nights we had his cage in the laundry room and he barked all night, no doubt looking for the other gliders he was housed in the same room with (but not the same cage) at the breeder's. We decided he would feel better near other gliders, so we moved his cage in proximity to Foehn and Rossby's so they could see and smell each other.

Pascal is wary and of course unsure of what is going on in his life. He wasn't handled a great deal in his previous home so we will have to earn his trust. He's slowly coming around, and will now come out from under his blankets to take mealworms from us.  He was very unsure of the yogurt M was trying to give him in the morning, but the other day he came out for the first time and took some licks. Small, but important steps.

More on our new addition soon.

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