Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Pascal is Coming Along

A lot has transpired since we picked up Pascal just about a month ago. He had his first checkup with the vet shortly after my last post. He was only 76 grams then and at that point as the smallest of our gliders. They did find a higher number of protozoa and spirochete bacteria in his fecal sample, so we came home with two medications for him, one for each of the intestinal critters. One was an antibiotic which he was on for two weeks. The other was something for the protozoa which he took first for three days, then a two week break, and then another three days of the medication.  Yesterday we got his "all clear".  Pascal also had his neuter two weeks ago and had no problems with that. So, in another few weeks we'll be able to start the introduction process with Foehn and Rossby.

We are not quite sure what to make of Pascal. He is immediately suspicious and vocal if he is disturbed in his pouch. Typically, if given the chance, he will fly out of the pouch to the side of the cage. So we usually have to be careful when removing his pouch from the cage with him in it. We've already had two instances where we've had to chase him around the house. On the other hand, he is not afraid to come and get his yogurt treat or his mealworms and has even climbed on to M's hand.  We are looking for the small steps and he does seem to be relaxing a little more.We hope he will make some big strides once he's with Foehn and Rossby.

Pascal getting some exercise in his wheel tonight.

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